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717 Fit

Our 717 Fit program is a group fitness class perfect for those who are new to fitness, those who have a goal of getting lean, experienced athletes looking to enhance their performance as well as individuals who don't feel comfortable with advanced movements. This option is also perfect for those looking for a stepping stone to CrossFit. If your goal is to improve your overall fitness, look no further. With a focus on cardio and core movements, each class will give you a full-body workout.

This class is geared towards a wide range of athletes from the elite looking for an intense workout or those that are brand new to working out and are looking to learn what it means to be fit.  Every exercise can be “scaled” to fit your performance level and desires.

Our coaches are experienced in helping you understand the workout/movements and help in achieving your goals. With every day containing constantly varied movements, no workout will ever be the same! Classes include intervals of cardio, strength, and mobility training, but without the heavy weights, and intensity associated with CrossFit.

Come in today to see if 717 Fit is the best option for you!

717 FIT


Reoccurring monthly fee, no contract necessary. Unlimited classes. Sign up here.

One time fee. No reoccurring charges. Good for two months. Sign up here.


10 CLASSES | $150

Membership Cancellations: We require at least a 10 day WRITTEN notice prior to when your membership renews.

Steps to cancel are as follows: In order to guarantee cancellation, your request must be received in writing via email.

Please email You may continue to attend classes until the end of your last paid month. 

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