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CrossFit 717 is the region's premier fitness community. Our complex offers unmatched coaching and programming, true camaraderie between members, the best facilities, and, last but not least, a place that members will spend their whole day thinking about. 


From its humble beginnings in 2010, CrossFit 717 has remained Central Pennsylvania's largest CrossFit facility for one reason - the community. Bringing together a special group of individuals with one common goal; bettering our minds and bodies. We have doctors. We also have lawyers. We have carpenters, engineers, salespeople, students, nurses, athletes, and many more. Our members are as diverse as they are driven. They’re the kind of people who never, ever quit, but who will always stop to lend a helping hand. They’re kind, courteous, and they love a good time. Oh, and they also take their fitness pretty seriously.


There’s only one thing we don’t have, and it’s you. But we hope to change that. We thank you for your support and look forward to the journey ahead.

"1% Better Everyday"

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