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Learning the ins-an-outs of fitness and exercise for the first time can be intimidating. Plus, most of the time, starting something new can be not only challenging, but completely overwhelming.  Trust us, we get it - we were there before too.


Fourteen Forty Foundations is designed to introduce functional movements and methodologies to those that are brand new to fitness. This program is built to learn technique, understand how to move efficiently and allows you to feel confident before joining classes.


With a heavy emphasis on developing a healthy lifestyle, learning proper form and the benefits exercise has on your overall quality of life, this program is for everyone - teens, those that have ZERO experience with fitness, individuals returning to fitness after years off, seniors and everyone in-between! 

Foundations program classes are on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, any class time on Thursdays at and Saturdays at 8:30 AM for four weeks with an experienced coach guiding you from the ground up. 


Once your four weeks are complete, you will be ready for general classes!


3x PER WEEK | $119

One time monthly fee, no contract necessary. Sign up here.

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