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Dwight Sheehan

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 & CrossFit Kids

Favorite Movement: GHD’s

Favorite WOD: Acid Bath

Favorite Food: Hawaii Poke

My Favorite CrossFit Memory: Flying down to Daytona, Florida to compete individually for the first time in the Atlantic Coast Classic. 


Why Do I Coach?: CrossFit has truly become my life and I want to be able to share that passion with every person who comes through our doors. There is no better feeling than seeing an athlete achieve something for the first time after working towards it. One of my favorite coaching memories is coaching an athlete to get his bar muscle up in the middle of a WOD!

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Favorite Movement: Power Cleans

Favorite WOD: Amanda

Favorite Food: Pizza and Wings

My Favorite CrossFit Memory: Beach Brawl 2021, got a chance to meet in person my favorite CF Athlete, Alexis Johnson, who’s a math geek like me!


Why Do I Coach?: I love being able to tap into other athlete’s mindset and approaches to life. Knowing what makes others “tick” helps me create an environment that makes that athlete feel welcomed and ready to be pushed. Also, I am always a student of the game and want to continue to be a life long learner and CrossFit has allowed me to continue to be passionate, competitive and connected to life and it’s daily demands. 

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Brandon Phelps


Lisa Latchford

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, Running Coach Certification, Body Weight Training Certification & Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification   

Favorite Movement: Pull-Ups & Push-Ups

Favorite WOD: Cindy

Favorite Food: New York Strip Steak

My Favorite CrossFit Memory: Every Memorial Day my youngest son comes and does Murph with me. He slows down his run so we can stay together. So special to me.


Why Do I Coach?: I love being one of the older athletes at the box and oldest coach. I hope that I am an inspiration to a few of the younger athletes as well as the older ones displaying that age is just a number and we can all stay healthy and fit no matter our age. I also love seeing athletes finally accomplish their first pull-up, push-up, toes-to-bar or whatever goal they are trying to achieve.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Favorite WOD: Grace

Favorite Food: Soft Pretzels

My Favorite CrossFit Memory: Making Quarterfinals in my first Open. Not only was it unexpected but it was a great chance to learn and get some more experience.


Why Do I Coach?: I really enjoy watching people reach their goals, improve and hit PRs (no matter how small) and I wanted to be a part of helping people get there. Also, coaching CrossFit is helping me be a more well-rounded athlete and person.


Austin Hoover


Jeff Baltimore

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2 & CrossFit Rowing
Favorite Movement: Double Unders

Favorite WOD: Open Workout 12.1

Favorite Food: Steak

My Favorite CrossFit Memory: My very first open in 2014. I just started CrossFit a couple months prior and I found the closest gym to my home. It was such a humbling experience and I knew from the first moment I stepped through that door that I would not want to be anywhere else and have not left since.


Why Do I Coach?: Health is something that is very important to me. We live in a day and age where sickness and weakness are the norm and health and vitality are the exception. I want to be a part of the group of people who are strong, healthy, vibrant, and resilient. There is nothing I love more than learning about the human body, training and forming my body into the physical form that I think it is capable of becoming and helping others to do the same. Coaching at 717 has provided me the outlet to do just that.

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