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While our facility offers group classes and Olympic Weightlifting coaching and custom programming, another part of our member base is FILLED with personal training clients - especially these days! 

You may not be ready to return to (or try) a group setting given everything that's going on, and the thought of joining a "traditional" gym without any knowledge or guidance can be overwhelming.  We GET it and are here to help you FINALLY meet your goals.

Our personal training sessions allow you to receive individual coaching in an (almost!) empty space that works around YOUR schedule. 

During your first session, we'll talk to you about your goals, fitness experience and work together to determine your next steps.  Our incredibly knowledgable, certified coaches will ensure your safety, understanding and explain the WHY behind your workout, our methods, and teach you how to execute each movement with perfect form.

Each client receives a customized program and health plan built around YOUR goals.  Each session is one-on-one with a coach and one-hour in length in-house at our headquarters in Lemoyne, Pa.

Ready for your free consultation? Click the link below - we can't wait to meet you!



Customized monthly packages available. No contract necessary. Sign up here.

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