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CrossFit is more than just a workout, it’s a way of life - a stronger, faster, leaner, and more coordinated way of life. Most importantly CrossFit provides individuals with functional fitness, meaning that the movements and workouts you do, will positively affect your everyday life.

CrossFit combines cardio, strength training, mobility, gymnastics, Olympic lifts, and plyometrics (a constantly varied mix of the most effective training techniques) into an ultra-effective 60-minute daily dose.


Classes are conducted in a highly motivational group setting, and administered by one of our expert staff to ensure safety and results. We understand everyone is busy, so why waste time not being effective?


Set a new standard for yourself today.

We offer a variety of membership packages - something for everyone!



Reoccurring monthly fee, no contract necessary. Unlimited classes. Sign up here.


12x/MONTH | $135

Reoccurring monthly fee, no contract necessary. 12 classes per month. Sign up here.


8x/MONTH | $115

Reoccurring monthly fee, no contract necessary. 8 classes per month. Sign up here.


10 CLASSES | $150

One time fee. No reoccurring charges. Good for three months. Sign up here.

Membership Cancellations: We require at least a 10 day WRITTEN notice prior to when your membership renews.

Steps to cancel are as follows: In order to guarantee cancellation, your request must be received in writing via email.

Please email You may continue to attend classes until the end of your last paid month. 

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